Johnson & Johnson Must Pay Out $1.2 Million Following Vaginal Mesh Jury Verdict

In the first ruling against Johnson & Johnson’s line of vaginal-mesh products, a Texas jury ruled that the TVT-O mesh sling was incorrectly designed. It awarded $1.2 million to Linda Batiste in compensatory damages. Batiste complained of pelvic pain while the device was inside of her. Johnson & Johnson is currently facing more than 12,000Continue Reading

Plaintiffs and GM Battle over “Park-it-Now” Decision

The debate in the controversial General Motors vehicle recalls have shifted over to whether or not all of the near 2.6 million vehicles should be grounded until the ignition defect has been fixed. Spokespeople for GM have claimed that the cars could be driven safely if operators used keys which were not weighed down. AContinue Reading

General Motors Hit with Fine for Failing to Provide Proper Recall Information

Following the recall of near 2.6 million vehicles in February 2014, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration issued General Motors a list of 107 questions regarding the company’s response to the faulty ignition switches. General Motors’ failure to respond to those questions has prompted a $28,000 fine from the NHTSA, according to the New YorkContinue Reading

This is Why We Need A Civil Justice System

The decision makers at General Motors ought to be ashamed of themselves. Just as they were crawling from the shadow of bankruptcy, they reminded us of their underhanded and back-alley tactics. The result is 13 wrongful deaths, countless injuries, a bevy of questions and few answers. Take a look at this video to get someContinue Reading

Medical Device Maker Settles Vaginal Mesh Insert Lawsuit

Coloplast A/S has agreed to pay approximately $16 million in settlements to women who have been allegedly injured by vaginal mesh inserts made by the Danish maker of medical products. In January, the company agreed to resolve about 400 suits with a settlement. Claimants will get an average payment of $40,000. Other vaginal mesh insertContinue Reading

GM In Trouble Again: This Time Because of Recalls

General Motors is in hot water once again, just when consumers may have been ready to move passed their shadow of bankruptcy. The American automobile company has recalled 1.6 million vehicles, due to a ignition defect, which causes the engine to stop running, with the vehicle still in motion, according to multiple reports. What’s worseContinue Reading

America Needs Your Help to Make Generic Drugs Safe

If you are injured or killed by a defective generic drug under the current state of the law you have NO RIGHT TO COMPENSATION.  There is currently a proposal before the FDA  that would change all that. Your help is needed and America needs you to act NOW. The comment period ends tomorrow, Thursday the 13th at 11:59 pm.  Comments canContinue Reading

Be forewarned and YELL “FORE”

This week New Jersey trial court ruled that a golfer who hits a shanked  shot without yelling “fore”  may be  held responsible as acting reckless on the golf course. Be guided accordingly.   The following was reported in the New Jersey Law Journal. 36-3-2727 Corrino v. Duffy, Law Div. – Essex Co. (Vena, J.S.C.) (6 pp.) ThisContinue Reading

NCAA Next in Line for Concussion Class Action Suit

It appears that class action lawsuits aimed at the violent nature of football leading to concussions and other traumatic brain injuries, are not limited to the NFL. The Judicial Panel on Multidistrict Litigation (MDL) ruled to combine 10 lawsuits against the NCAA, citing that all of the suits were similar enough in nature to combineContinue Reading