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Subaru recalls foresters due to curling mats on driver’s side.


The Los Angeles Times (4/29, Undercoffler, 692K) reported, “Subaru announced that it is recalling more than 10,000 of its 2014 Forester models to correct an issue with the floor mats. The driver's carpeted floor mat can potentially curl when exposed to heat, causing it to interfere with the gas, brake or clutch pedal, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.” Subaru spokesman Michael McHale said that there have been no “reported incidents or injuries to consumers.” The recall affects “10,137 Forester crossover SUVs.”

The AP (4/30) reports, “The recall affects Foresters made from January 2013 through March.” The company “traced the problem to improperly manufactured backing on the mats.”


KBR verdict: Judge affirms $81 million of damages awarded to 12 Oregon soldiers for toxic exposure in Iraq

   A federal judge in Portland Friday affirmed $75 million in punitive damages a jury awarded to 12 Oregon National Guard veterans last fall in a case against government contractor KBR, Inc. for its conduct in Iraq a decade ago. Magistrate Judge Paul Papak trimmed compensatory damages for each soldier from $850,000 to $500,000 because he determinedContinue Reading

Arbitration Clauses Steal Your Rights

Do you know what is hidden in the fine print of the contracts you routinely agree to?  Chances are you have signed away your right to access the courtroom and didn’t even know it!  Included in many everyday consumer contracts are dangerous forced arbitration clauses that take away your right to go to court andContinue Reading

How the Civil Justice System Is Being Perverted

  Guest Blogger Max Kennerly: “The Danger of Assuming Judicial Omniscience in Tort Law” When Chris invited me to write a guest post for TortsProf, I already knew what I was going to write about: how the courthouse doors were being increasingly closed on tort plaintiffs by way of procedural changes, to the point that,Continue Reading

Merina IUD Litigation Consolidated

  Every day our office receives telephone calls from all over the United States from women complaining about how this product has changed their life.  Although many of these women have suffered horrific injuries, many of the applications were warned against by the  manufacturer. One very serious complication, however, not warned about is the riskContinue Reading

$7.25 Million Awarded in Cochlear Device Suit

A U.S. District Court has awarded $7.25 million to a Louisville girl who was severely shocked by a cochlear device implanted in her head. The lawsuit claimed that the device, manufactured by Advance Bionics, was defective and that company executives were aware of the defects and hid that fact from consumers. The suit stated thatContinue Reading

Honda Recalls 200,000 CR-V Minivans

  The Los Angeles Times (4/18, Hirsch, 692K) reports, “Honda Motor Co. will recall 204,500 CR-V crossovers, Odyssey minivans and Acura RDX crossovers to replace a safety component.” The Times notes that “during internal testing of the vehicles, Honda discovered that in subfreezing temperatures it could be possible to shift the vehicle's transmission out ofContinue Reading