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Consumer Report: Bacteria Found in Chicken-Be careful

Report: Bacteria in chicken too high

Chicken_Jan_10 Consumer Reports latest tests, released today, of 382 whole chickens bought from more than 100 stores in 22 states, found that two-thirds harbor disease-causing bacteria—salmonella, campylobacter or both (read the full report). While one name brand, Perdue, and most air-chilled organic chickens were significantly less contaminated than Foster Farms and Tyson brand chicken, consumers still need to be extremely vigilant in handling and cooking chicken.

Holidays for the Homeless

The economic downturn has placed a strain on millions of Americans. The number of homeless and economically disadvantaged has skyrocketed. There are more homeless and needy children this year than in any time since the Great Depression. These children,innocent victims of poverty, have all the same dreams and wishes as our own children. They dream of Christmas and Hanukkah presents and all things attendant to this time of year. Without your help, these dreams are unattainable. If your circumstances permit, please consider opening your heart to help these children . Continue Reading