Perhaps the Greatest Threat to Our Democratic System

The Supreme Court ruled on April 2 in the McCutcheon case that individuals can directly contribute up to $5.9 million per election cycle to political candidates and parties.

The limit had been $123,000 — which was more than enough “influence” already.

Along with the Court’s  ruling  in Citizens United , the Supreme Court’s ruling in McCutcheon is a full frontal assault on our democracy.

Our political leaders are  already forced to spend far too much of their time as ELECTED officials raising money instead of doing the job they were entrusted with on behalf of all Americans. This ruling will just make things worse and further consolidate power and political influence in the super rich.

This current broken system of partisan politics fueled by the influence of special interests is not what the framers of our Constitution had in mind.

It now looks like we need a constitutional amendment requiring publicly financed campaigns with spending limits in order to put of ship of democracy back on course.

Enough is enough.

Chris Placitella is a shareholder at Cohen Placitella & Roth, P.C. and has developed a reputation as one of the nation’s foremost thought leaders on legal matters.