Hope & Protecting Our Democracy

In other parts of the world  people who feel powerless and marginalized  “hope” for democracy. For Americans that dream is a reality.  Our realization of the “ hope” for democracy in America  is the product of  great sacrifice. The Democracy  we know today  requires nurturing and is not guaranteed. Democracy   is not immune from threats both foreign and domestic. Countless American heroes continue to make the ultimate sacrifice  to preserve our Democracy. Their courage is rooted in  the belief  that despite whatever difficulties we face today a better tomorrow is possible. Our “hope” as Americans is for  a continued more perfect union premised on the  inalienable  right  to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.  #hopediaries

A recent poll confirms that ,regardless of political affiliation,  the majority of Americans view  the   attack on our Capitol as an  assault on our democracy.The question is often asked what can we do as individual citizens  to protect our democracy?  We must of course  speak out against sedition , insurrection and expressions of hate rooted in prejudice and ignorance. We must maintain faith  in our  justice system and support for those we rely upon to enforce it.

We also have a choice to make. We can either choose hope as the catalyst for healing our nation or continue  partisan discord , animosity and discontent. Why not choose hope? If  “Hope” is what  we as human beings need  to survive and get through  hard times, isn’t it also the fuel for preserving our democracy? As stewards of our democracy for future generations, where and how  do we find hope ? I submit that  the path to hope and healing begins with kindness. Performing and recognizing  acts of kindness  will go a long way to erasing  cynicism and instilling  hope in our children.

If you witness acts of kindness why not help keep hope alive  and share those accounts with your friends and neighbors. Isn’t it  time to see and share the good in America? #hopediaries

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