Some Sunscreens Can Cause Unexpected & Severe Burns

FDA issues warning on flammable sunscreens.

WRC-TV Washington (7/5, Petitte) on its website reports that in a consumer update issued Wednesday, the Food and Drug Administration cautioned that some sunscreen sprays “could be flammable.” The FDA “says five people have been burned while wearing Banana Boat sunscreen sprays,” all of which have now been “recalled, but other sunscreen sprays and possibly non-spray sunscreens may also contain flammable ingredients.” According to the agency, the “reports of people burned happened when they got too close to a grill, a candle, when someone lit a cigarette and welding.”

        On its website, KFOR-TV Oklahoma City (7/4, Edwards) noted that the FDA said that in “some cases, the users had already applied the sunscreen, suggesting a possibility you could catch fire even if you think your sunblock is already dry.” The best way to avoid risk is to use a “non-flammable sunscreen that does not contain alcohol.”