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Hurricane Sandy: Do I need a Lawyer?

Be cautious in dealing with representatives of companies involved in catastrophic disaster. Also,
caution and judgment should be exercised in dealing with representatives of insurance
Be particularly careful before signing any papers in connection with the promise of the payment
of a given sum of money. Likewise, a lawyer may solicit your case, but that does not assure you
of the representation you may need for this particular situation. Moreover, any in-person and
telephone solicitation by a lawyer or a lawyer’s representative is a direct violation of the law in many states.
The appropriate amount of compensation to which you are entitled and the appropriate time to
discuss settlement or the initiation of a lawsuit are questions best answered by a lawyer you
select to represent your legal rights. 
This is an issue that does not lend itself to a definite or precise answer. In some types of
accidents, such as a car wreck, it may b necessary to seek the assistance of an attorney as quickly
as possible to preserve the evidence and obtain statements of other victims or witnesses. In mass
catastrophic disasters such as an aircraft crashCstate and federal regulatory authorities charged
by law with the immediate and prompt investigation of the disaster may lessen the need for
immediate action in the employment of an attorney.
Whatever the case, if you have a family lawyer, it would be prudent to contact immediately your
lawyer for advice and counsel. In the event you do not have a family lawyer, you may want to
identify a lawyer you trust to assist you in preserving your legal rights. It is important that you
exercise caution and judgment in signing any papers or documents until you have carefully read
the entire document and understand its legal effect on your rights. Any questions you may have
regarding a document that you may be requested to sign probably should be reviewed with a
lawyer who you select of your own choice and free will.
Should you need immediate legal advice and you are not currently represented by a lawyer,
perhaps the best advice is to consult with others you trust, such as members of your family, close
business associates, or ministers for recommendations about qualified lawyers for your type of
case. If you do not feel immediate action is necessary, Your state bar association , as well as some local bar
associations, can assist you through lawyer referral programs in identifying an appropriate lawyer
for you to consult. If you are from another state, undoubtedly similar programs are in effect
where you reside.
If affected by a catastrophic mass disaster, you will probably need the services of a lawyer. It is
your decision when to select an attorney to represent you and your legal rights. Since you maybe
entrusting your lawyer with the final resolution of your or your loved one’s legal rights, this
decision should not be taken lightly. You decide to employ a lawyer to represent you and your
interests, and you decide where that employment occurs.