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Suave Keratin Infusion Treatment Has Some Consumers Pulling Their Hair Out

In the hair styling business, people are willing to pay big bucks for long-lasting, silky smooth locks. Keratin hair treatments now seem to be the preferred method of attaining a head-turning hairdo.

Once available only from pricy professional stylists, keratin hair treatments are now available over-the-counter in affordable do-it-yourself kits. As it turns out, these at-home treatments have left some customers with more than just extra money on their hands.

A sizeable number of Suave Professionals Keratin Infusion users have taken to the internet with claims that the product has made their hair fall out. Other consumers claim to have been left with badly damaged hair requiring drastic intervention in the form of aggressive hairstyle modification (read: getting their hair chopped off). Suave has discontinued the product and provided resources to customers who have questions about the product’ssafety and effectiveness.

This dustup “highlights” (please forgive the pun) a truly important issue in consumer product safety. The vast majority of products available are safe to use as directed. That’s a key concept that consumers should remember in order to keep themselves safe: Follow the directions! Too many people are injured when they fail to heed (or even read) the manufacturer’s guidance. In some cases, of course, the product in question cannot be rendered safe or the manufacturer should anticipate consumer misuse or confusion. In those cases, the manufacturer has a greater burden to ensure the safety of their customers.

Reviews of keratin treatments are decidedly mixed. If you choose to use the treatment, or any product for that matter, follow the directions and you should be fine.