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How Much Are NJ Citizens Paying to Give Up Their Legal Rights?

Is it really worth the savings to give up your right to sue when selecting auto insurance? The real facts suggest that it is not!!

When selecting auto insurance you can pay less if you agree to give up important legal rights in the event  you or a MEMBER of YOUR FAMILY is injured in a car accident or  hit by a car as a pedestrian.Once such an election is made those rights are forfeighted  even if the driver at fault is intoxicated , on drugs or driving on the revoked list.

An article that appears in Today’s Philadelphia Inquirer should give New Jersey familes serious pause before deciding to give up your rights. The article demonstrates that depending upon the auto insurer you may be sacrificing your rights for as little as $300 per year.

You should be aware that under most policies you give up your legal rights automatically unless you specifcally elect to protect them. Below is the Chart from today’s paper.