Bumble Bee expands recall of 5-ounce tuna products.

In continuing coverage, ABC World News (3/8, story 5, 0:35, Sawyer, 7.43M) reported, “An iconic American brand in millions of kitchens, Bumble Bee Tuna: Tonight, the recall of their tuna” has expanded to “2.4 million cans.”

        Reuters (3/8, Sutton) reported Bumble Bee Foods LLC issued the recall for some of its Chunk White Albacore and Chunk Light Tuna products in 5-ounce cans, because the cans did not meet seal-tightness standards, according to a notice that the Food and Drug Administration posted on its website. The San Diego, California-based company said the cans with loose seams could result in product contamination and spoilage, although so far, no reports of illness have been received. The products under the recall were shipped to retailers across the nation, between Jan. 17 and March 6, and they are stamped with “best-by” dates from Jan. 14, 2016 to Jan. 18, 2018.

        USA Today (3/8, Painter, 1.71M) also covered the Bumble Bee recall as was well as the similar recall by Chicken of the Sea.