Product Recalls for this Week

FDA issues infusion pump recall over stalled motors.

MedPage Today (12/27, Petrochko) reports that the FDA “has issued a class I recall of two infusion pumps citing motor failure when used with drugs not specifically approved for them.” The two models of pumps are the “SynchroMed II Implantable and SynchroMed EL Implantable infusion pumps,” which “may stall intermittently or permanently,” and can “lead to serious adverse events and death.” The pumps are approved for use with “morphine (Infumorph), baclofen (Lioresal and Gablofen ), ziconotide (Prialt), floxuridine, and methotrexate.”

FDA issues recall on ventilator products.

MedPage Today (12/27, Kaiser) reports that the FDA has recalled two ventilator-related products. “The Ventlab manual resuscitator for adults and children has been recalled because of a defective valve that may leak, resulting in little or no air or oxygen being delivered to the patient.” In addition, “Bunnell’s Life Pulse High-Frequency Ventilator Patient Circuits” has been recalled because the “heater wire insulation on the product can melt, resulting in sparking and smoke in close proximity to the humidifier cartridge.”

Ohio company recalling child toys over choking danger.

The Minneapolis Star Tribune (12/24, Friedmann, 335K) reported, “After an 8-month-old Texas girl swallowed a marble-size toy that expands in water, an Ohio company is recalling the toys, the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission announced last week.” According to the Star Tribune, “DuneCraft Inc. is recalling about 95,300 packages of Water Balz, Growing Skulls, H2Orbs and Fabulous Flowers toys that were sold at Bed Bath & Beyond, Hobby Lobby, Urban Outfitters Direct, and other retailers nationwide.” The story added that “a Water Balz had to be surgically removed from the Texas girl’s intestines.”

Toy company recalls 45,000 Puppy toys over choking hazards.

KTTS-AM Springfield, MO (12/24, Morgan) reported that “the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission in cooperation with Sassy Inc has announced a voluntary recall of about 45 thousand Hug and Tug Puppy toys sold in stores and on line nationwide between July 2012 and October 2012.” As the story noted, “the beads inside the clear plastic sphere at the center of the toys can be released and pose a choking hazard to young children.” The story added that “The firm has received 12 reports of beads being released from the plastic clear plastic sphere body on Sassy-branded toys.”