Landmark Chinese Drywall Decision


In a decision that could have far reaching effect NO Louisiana Federal Judge Eldon Fallon ruled that foreign company can be held accountable in US court. This case will have ramifications far beyond the Chinese drywall litigation . See story below.

Rulings on faulty Chinese drywall open door to claims against manufacturer.

The Fort Myers (FL) News-Press (9/6, Wozniak) reports, “New rulings by state and federal judges that say a major manufacturer of defective Chinese drywall can be held accountable in U.S. courts is being called a breakthrough in the years-long quest to make foreign companies liable for their faulty products.” As the News-Press describes, “the decisions Tuesday by federal Judge Eldon Fallon in New Orleans and Friday by Miami-Dade Circuit Court Judge Joseph Farina cover six drywall cases. They say Taishan Gypsum Ltd. does fall under the jurisdiction of U.S. courts and homeowners can pursue claims against it