Consumer Group Sues FDA Over Alzheimer’s Drug

In today's society it is hard to find any family that is not somehow affected by the ravages of Alzheimer's disease. People struggle coping to accept the effects and search for ways to slow the decline of their loved ones. The issues raised in this suit complicate the circumstances even more.


A consumer protection group has filed a lawsuit against the Food and Drug Administration over the failure to remove a high-dose Alzheimer drug from the market. The group points to FDA research that shows that high doses of the drug Aricept “doesn't work better at controlling symptoms of moderate-to-severe Alzheimer's than two low doses” and can pose severe health risks to patients. The group filed a petition in May 2011 with the FDA to halt the sale of the high-dose drug but the FDA has done nothing, the suit says. Wire Report, The Olympian 09/05/2012

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