In & Out Burger Mostly Out

It seems every day there is another story about the contamination of our food supply. Just becuase you are served a food does not mean that it is safe.


ABC World News (8/21, story 7, 2:25, Sawyer) reported that “an undercover investigation has prompted action by Federal investigators. They have shut down a supplier for a popular burger chain; In-N-Out Burger whose tag line is ‘quality is everything.'” ABC’s Brian Ross reported that “After viewing the undercover video, Federal inspectors came to the plant yesterday and ordered it shut down based on what they said was evidence of inhumane treatment of the animals. The inspectors said they did not find any diseased animals nor did they order a recall of the beef from the plant.”

        In continuing coverage, the AP (8/22) reports “Federal regulators who shut down a Central California slaughterhouse after receiving an animal welfare video were investigating Tuesday whether beef from sick cows reached the human food supply.” The USDA Food Safety Inspection Service “suspended operations Monday at Central Valley Meat Co. in Hanford after receiving” an underground video Friday, which shows “animals bleeding and thrashing after being repeatedly shot in the head with a pneumatic gun in unsuccessful efforts to render them unconscious for slaughter.” The USDA “said late Tuesday that it found evidence of inhumane practices on the video, but the footage did not indicate beef from sick cattle got into the food system. However, the investigation is continuing.”

        Bloomberg News (8/22, Armour) adds that although the video of inhumane handling at the slaughterhouse, which “supplies beef to the nation’s school lunch program, doesn’t show injured ‘downer’ cattle entering the food supply,” the USDA is investigating “whether cattle that were too sick to stand or walk were slaughtered, a practiced banned because of the risks for mad cow disease.” The agency “directed its Office of the Inspector General to investigate the allegations,” and a “team, including veterinarians who specialize in humane handling, were sent to Central Valley Meat to determine if egregious inhumane handling of livestock occurred.”