DePuy Hip Replacement Recall Prompted by Manufacturer of Hip Replacement Devices

DePuy Orthopaedics, Inc., a division of Johnson & Johnson issued a recall in August of this year on its ASR XL Acetabular System (a hip socket used in traditional hip replacement surgery) and ASR Hip Resurfacing System (a partial hip replacement that involves placing a metal cap on the ball of the femur)—both of which have been used in hip replacement surgery.

Both hip replacement products have been recalled by the manufacturer from hospitals, surgeons and patients because they have been linked to a high failure rate. The products also have the possibility to release high levels of metal ion into patients. Pain, swelling, problems walking and other complaints were noted by the company according to CNN Money. The FDA has received about 300 complaints about the  ASR line of hip replacement devices since 2008 and after more than two years the company issued a release that it was recalling the two types of hip replacements.

About 93,000 of these devices have been implanted worldwide, the New York Times reported in March. Patients who have had the ASR line of hip replacement products have needed additional secondary surgeries to replace these devices. The medical procedure is what is known as a “secondary surgery.” These “secondary surgeries” can become very expensive and are painful procedures which could have been avoided had the hip replacement device not been marked as potentially defective.

“We are discovering that there are multiple clients throughout the U.S. who needed to receive additional surgeries as a result of injuries they suffered since the initial hip replacement surgery.”  “They received DePuy hip replacement systems in those surgeries and subsequently experienced recurring injury, additional expense, and significant pain. We are currently exploring all legal options on behalf of clients.”

Anyone who has received a hip replacement in the U.S. after July 2003 may have have received a DePuy device that contains defects.

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