Congratulations to My Friend & Mentor Ronald Motley

I am very proud  to relate that my friend and mentor Ron Motley has been awarded the American Association for Justice’s most prestigious honor, the Lifetime Achievement Award, in recognition of his pioneering work and continued commitment to the pursuit of justice. AAJ was formerly known as ATLA and is recognized as the Trial Lawyers’ national association.

Through perseverance, creativity and innovation, Ron has saved countless lives, challenged corporate malfeasance, delivered justice and influenced systemic changes throughout our civil justice system, our nation and our world. His unique personality, quick wit, intolerance for defeat and awe-inspiring passion have served as the foundation for the extraordinary contributions that he has made in search of justice, and he has fearlessly served as an international leader whose courage and voice have not only had an incredible impact on the legal profession and our firm but also our society and the individuals to whom he has given a voice.

Ron has tried more cases in more states than any lawyer in the history of the United States. I am ever so proud to call him my friend.