Cohen Placitella & Roth Force Numerous Asbestos Executives to Admit Knowledge of Asbestos Dangers, No Testing & No Warnings

 Hundreds of thousands  of working men and women were unwittingly  exposed to asbestos both during the course of their employment and as consumers. The law imposes on the manufacturers the duty to warn and the duty to test. Despite these obligations and extensive knowledge of the dangers posed by asbestos exposure, warnings were not provided and people as a result became sick. Tens of thousands of people have died. Recent statistics demonstrate that the incidence of asbestos related mesothelioma has not even peaked as of 2010.


In representing people who have contracted mesothelioma, we have taken the depositions of numerous asbestos company representatives as well as executives from industrial facilities where asbestos was a known contaminant. You can read these depositions and draw your own conclusions as to whether the companies acted properly under the circumstances. All you need to do is to click on this link