Prempro Breast Cancer Cases Rapidly Improving for Injured Women

On Monday, the 8th circuit not only affirmed a multi million dollar compensatory verdict for Arkansas plaintiff , Nancy Scroggin, but sent her case back to be tried for punitive damages against Wyeth.    The decision clearly  lays out the case for punitive damages .  Up to this point, the progress of the more than 10,000 breast cancer cases in Little Rock has been very slow. That will now change with the decision by the 8th Circuit Court of Appeals.   Most women will now get to a jury and can seek punitive damages  in those states that allow them.  In the meantime, in Philadelphia where there are about 1500 breast cancer cases, there is a series of 16 cases set for trial by Judge Sandra Moss. The first one resulted in a 3.7 million dollar compensatory verdict and a secret punitive verdict against Wyeth. The second case, settled just before jury selection. Case 3 is under way now. There have been 11 jury verdicts nationwide so far, and after losing the first two in Little Rock, the plaintiffs  have won the last  9, with no verdict below 1.5 million, and four verdicts with substantial punitive damages. Wyeth and Pfizer have also settled several cases on the brink of tiral in Nevada, Kentucky, and New Jersey.