Under Cross Examination, Chevron Admits of the Dangers of Asbestos

We represent the family of Francine Horvath who died as a result of washing the asbestos laden clothing brought home on her husband’s clothing. Francine Horvath’s husband , Earnest, worked at the Chevron refinery in Perth Amboy New Jersey. We recently took the deposition of Chevron industrial hygienist ,Stanley Dryden, and uncovered some startling facts. We learned that Chevron was aware of the dangers of asbestos going back to at least the 1940s.  It turns out that Chevron was taking steps to protect workers and their families in refineries in Texas and California but not in Perth Amboy, New Jersey. You can read the actual testimony at http://www.mesotheliomalegalblog.com/mesothelioma-litigation/Chevron-and-Asbestos—1-31116.html

Next we took the deposition of Chevron engineer , John Wirkowski. Wirkowski worked as one of the head engineers at the Perth Amboy refinery. Wirkowski admitted that he was never told by  corporate higher ups that they were aware of the dangers of asbestos. According to Wirkowski, the Chevron Perth Amboy, refinery was loaded with asbestos. The asbestos on the piping alone stretched for up to 12 miles inside the refinery. Wirkowski admitted under oath that nothing was done to stop the use of asbestos in Perth Amboy until the 1970’s. You can read the Wirkowski testimony at http://www.mesotheliomalegalblog.com/mesothelioma-litigation/Despite-Knowledge-Chevron-Uses-Asbestos-Causing-Massive-Exposure–1-32495.html. Unfortunately, that was way too late for the Horvath family.  At least now the Horvath’s and everyone else knows the truth. Trial is set for September 2009.