Supreme Court Justice Albin Approved by Judiciary Committee

imagesalbinYesterday ,the NJ Senate Judiciary Committee approved the reappointment of NJ Supreme Court , Justice Barry Albin. The vote of 9-4 was along party lines as expected. Justice Albin handled all questions during the hearing with candor, dignity and respect.

During the hearing Justice Albin refused to comment on any case that might bear on future cases coming before him. He was on target in that judgement. Since his appointment to the Supreme Court more than 7 years ago Justice Albin has been one of the most active and dedicated members of the Court. In the last seven years, he has written almost 150 opinions, 89 of them representing the court’s majority decision.

I cant let the moment in history pass without paying tribute to Barry. I am clearly biased as Barry is my former law partner.  Justice Albin is one of the most decent human beings I have ever known. He is a principled jurist and human being.  Barry is a wonderful father, husband and friend.

Last year, Justice Albin took time out from his busy schedule to address the students at the Colts Neck High School where I am a school board member.  His address was inspiring and clearly the product of hours of preparation.  I was awe struck to understand that having reached the pinnacle of his career,  Justin Albin put this kind of time in to speak with students. He clearly could have winged it and carried the day with his stature, wit and intelligence. Instead he delivered a message that if  taken down word for word could have been transcribed and published in a law review. That is who Barry Albin is. A real human being who treats everyone with respect regardless of religion, creed or point of view.

New Jersey is very fortunate to have Justice Albin on our Supreme Court and I am very fortunate to call Barry Albin my friend.